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Protect Your Power. And Your Wallet.

Bye, bye blackouts. Hello savings.

Introducing KOHLER Power Reserve, an energy storage system that keeps your home powered during an outage – and provides energy independence from the grid. For homes with solar panels, Power Reserve stores the solar energy gathered throughout the day and reserves that energy for use whenever you want it. Think of it like an energy bank account where you can make deposits and withdrawals as you see fit.

Power Reserve is comprised of a battery and inverter – and is able to work with both AC and DC electric circuits. These components can be installed indoors or outdoors. And the best of all, Power Reserve is compatible with ANY solar panel installation.


Powers your entire home. And everyone inside.

Perfect for those who experience frequent outages or live off-grid, KOHLER Power Reserve can power your critical items like refrigerators, computers, TVs, lights, and garage doors. Plus, the system may also provide automated cost savings through energy rate arbitrage and system power flow control.


The only backup power system you need.

KOHLER Power Reserve energy storage system is comprised of a long-life LiFePO4 battery, inverter, and optional automatic transfer switch (sold separately). We have three outdoor-rated battery options to choose from to meet your power needs. And all three feature a modular design which allows them to be customized for even greater power storage, installation flexibility, and upgrades over time.

AC- and DC-coupled options are also available. And all our batteries include a 10-year warranty.


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